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Oh! This Podcast is a weekly beer podcast that explores the finer things in the beer world. Patrick Farrar and Steve Hombaker discuss random musings of fine craft beer while discussing movies, sports, music and various topics in highly evolved, or devolved, discussions.

We discuss our Beer of the Week, nationwide beer events, brewery recommendations, Patrick's Hot Tub Beer of the Week and more.

Theme Song - Year of The Rat - By Marty Meinerz

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    Episode 57 - Elementary School Arts & Crafts Roundtable - Crayons vs Colored Pencils, Pasta Related Artwork, Is Eating Glue Bad For You? - Beer of The Week Pollyanna Brewing Company Toasted Marshmallow Fun Size

    Hello Everybody! We are back with our latest edition of the podcast. Episode 57 is here (sorry for the delay in episodes) Patrick and Steve talk for an hour plus on the finer things related to elementary school arts & crafts. The guys explore the existential questions pertaining to eating glue, proper technique for folding construction paper, crayon vs color pencil debate and more. We hope you enjoy our dive in to the world of craft world.

    Beer of The Week Pollyanna Brewing Company Toasted Marshmallow Fun Size

  2. Thumb 1533605100 artwork

    Episode 56 - The Games Episode - Video Game Movies and Board Games - Past Present and Future - Beer Of The Week Central Waters Peruvian Morning

    Some might say it's the perfect time to talk about games in our perfect game hauler Mark Buehrle episode 56 of Oh! This Podcast. The guys talk at length about some of the finest and not so fine movie adaptations from the video game world to grace the American and International Cinema. Also the gentlemen recount their finest moments and memories regarding board games that shaped their lives as young and old human beings.

    Beer Of The Week Central Waters Peruvian Morning

  3. Thumb 1531969739 artwork

    Episode 55 - Store Brand Soda Showdown, Pet Rock vs Rubik's, Who Would You Rather Be the Personal Narrator of Your Life - James Earl Jones vs Morgan Freeman vs Ron Howard - Beer of The Week Dr. Thunder

    Back with a Mount Mutumbo of a show in Episode 55 the guys explore a cornucopia of topics. The guys flashback to the glory days of childhood and discuss the merits, pros and cons of some of the finest store brand Soda (Pop) brands and flavor choices. Next, they look at the merits of the Pet Rock vs the Rubik's cube and answer deep existential life lessons regarding both. Lastly, the guys debate who they would prefer the fill in the gaps of their life stories and everyday life for the studio audiences which in turn spirals out of control.

    Beer of The Week - Dr. Thunder

  4. Thumb 1528901929 artwork

    Episode 54 - Oh! This Podcast screening of Grease

    Episode 54 is the long awaited Oh! This Podcast screening of the classic 1978 film “Grease". The guys break down the movie and fortunately avoid breaking out into a song and dance number in the middle of recording. A huge thanks to friend of the show and Patreon supporter Mitch for making this episode possible.

  5. Thumb 1528901654 artwork
  6. Thumb 1528233054 artwork

    Episode 52 - Updates from the Road, National Donut Day and Roundtable Discussion, 3rd Round of the Arnold Movie Tournament Updates

    In episode 52 (our CC Sabathia episode) we recap what's been going on over the past few weeks and elaborate on the projects we've both been working on. Next, we check in regarding National Donut Day and discuss the finer points of these wonderful culinary creations. Finally we recap the 3rd round of the Arnold Movie tournament and set the stage for the final four films to do battle.

    Patrick's Obscure Music Choice of The Week: Fastball - Out Of My Head

  7. Thumb 1526253478 artwork

    Episode 51 - Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Tournament Early Round Recap, Life on The Open Road (Road Trip Stories) - Beer Of The Week Fieldwork Brewing Company's Blackberry Parfait

    Episode 51 (our Willie McGee episode) features a recap of the first two rounds of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie tournament and lines out the elite 8 contenders. After that the guys chat about some of the occurrences from their recent road trip including Subway sandwich quality, lightning cows, and Kansas City BBQ.

    Beer of the week is Fieldwork Brewing Company's Blackberry Parfait

    Patrick's Obscure Music Choice of the Week - Murphy Lee - Wat Da Hook Gon Be ft. Jermaine Dupri

  8. Thumb 1524237838 artwork

    Episode 50 - A 2018 Refresher on American National Parks, Oh This Podcast Tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger - Beer Of The Week Stiegl Goldbrau

    In a very special 50th episode of Oh This Podcast the guys deliver a veritable cornucopia of content for your listening pleasure.

    To kick the show off they deliver an update and some perspectives on the National Parks they've recently visited or will be road tripping through in the near future.

    Then in celebration of this monumental episode, they announce the matchups for the inaugural Oh This Podcast tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger by launching the Arnold movie bracket. This 32 movie tournament encompasses the best and worst of Arnold's cinematic career and it will be up to the Oh This Podcast listeners to determine the champion.

    Beer of the week is Stiegl Goldbrau.

    Patrick's Obscure Music Pick of the Week: Rob Zombie - We're American Band

  9. Thumb 1523199189 artwork

    Episode 49 - National Beer Day, Godzilla in the Studio vs Songs About Godzilla, Who Would You Rather Spend A Day With - Drew Carey, Harry Caray, Jim Carrey, or Mariah Carey - Beer of The Week Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company's Half Dome California Wheat

    In episode 49 (Julius Peppers episode) the guys dive in to their plans for celebrating their favorite libation on National Beer Day. In an abrupt turn they then debate whether they'd rather have a song featuring Godzilla vs. a song solely about Godzilla, which meanders into a conversation about which mythical creatures they would hire as studio musicians. Finally, on a more serious note, they discuss whether they'd rather spend a day with Drew Carey, Harry Caray, Jim Carrey, or Mariah Carey.

    The Beer of the Week is Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company's Half Dome California Wheat

    **Obscure Music Selection of the Week - Nick Cannon - Gigolo ft. R. Kelly

    ** This reference will make sense.

  10. Thumb 1522370585 artwork

    Episode 48 - 2018 MLB Season Breakdown & Prediction, Minor League Special Event Night, Kevin Costner Baseball Movie Throwdown - Beer of the Week Fieldwork Brewing Company's Always Blue IPA

    In Episode 48 (our Torii Hunter episode) the guys discuss the upcoming MLB season, their most anticipated promo nights for the 2018 minor league season (Fresno Grizzlies have an amazing one of course) and celebrate America's pastime through a chat about the trifecta of Kevin Costner baseball movies.

    Patrick's Obscure Music Pick Of The Week: Nelly, St. Lunatics - Batter Up

    Beer of the Week - Fieldwork Brewing Company's Always Blue IPA

  11. Thumb 1521514107 artwork

    Episode 47 - Patrick's Obscure Music Pick Of The Week, St Patrick's Day Salute to Irish Bands, Who Would Your Rather Be In Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, or Harvey Danger - Beer Of The Week Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout

    In episode 47 the guys lead off with the introduction of a new segment and a brief conversation about what bands & tracks they are listening to at the moment. Then, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, they examine some of the fine musical contributions that the Irish have made in the world of rock & roll. In the final segment, deep thoughts and worldviews are challenged when the guys consider which band they would rather be in: Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, or Harvey Danger. The beer of the week is Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout.

    Patrick's Obscure Music Pick Of The Week: Berlin - Take My Breathe Away

  12. Thumb 1520308133 artwork

    Episode 46 - Final Round Cats vs Dogs, The State of Breakfast Sandwich Market, NFL Scouting Combine and Who Would You Pick? - Beer Of The Week Oskar Blues Death By Coconut

    In episode 46 the guys wrap up their conversation in the animated cats vs animated dogs throwdown and crown a champion. Next, they have a spirited chat about the state of the breakfast sandwich game, with particular emphasis on the fast food offerings. Finally, inspired by the NFL scouting combine, the guys put on their GM hats and try to decide whether they'd draft Forrest Gump: University of Alabama, or Bobby Boucher: South Central Louisiana State University. This ultimately leads to a draft of other fictional football players.

    The Beer of the Week is Oskar Blues Death By Coconut.

  13. Thumb 1519688623 artwork

    Episode 45 - Sushi vs Hibachi, The Round Candy Roundtable, Epic Throwdown Top Animated Cats vs Top Animated Dogs - BOTW Pipeworks Brewing Co Hey, Careful Man, There's A Beverage Here! and Over The Line

    In our 45th episode, our Bob Gibson episode the guys talk about the finer things surrounding the sushi and hibachi dinning experiences. Next, 'still hungry I imagine' the guys talk about the merits of the round candy and some of the pros and cons and staples of the market segment that is the round candy world. Lastly, they finish off with the beginnings of the most serious debate discussion to date of the episode and explore the Epic Throwdown Top Animated Cats vs Top Animated Dogs.

    The beer of the week is actually 2 Beers of The Week. Both offering come from Chicago based Pipeworks Brewing Co Hey, Careful Man, There's A Beverage Here! and Over The Line

  14. Thumb 1518750078 artwork

    Episode 44 - Disneyland and Other Amusement Park Experiences, Valentine's Day Candy, and “The Real Farrar Tour" Travel Log By Patrick - Destination Seattle - The Beer of the Week is Befuddlement by The Bruery

    In episode 44 Patrick and Steve discuss Steve's recent venture to Disneyland, as well as the finer nuances of the amusement park experience. Then they dive in to conversation about the best way to satisfy your Valentine - with candy of course. Finally they close the show out with some insider knowledge of the Seattle metropolitan area when Patrick breaks down the stops on “The Real Farrar Tour" of Seattle. The Beer of the Week is Befuddlement by The Bruery.

  15. Thumb 1518133095 artwork

    Episode 43 - Birthday Parties As A Child vs Birthday Parties As Adults, Cake (the dessert) vs. Cake (the alt-rock band), Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland vs Al Borland from Home Improvement - Evil Twin/Westbrook Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break

    In Episode 43 (our Richard petty episode) we celebrate another trip around the sun for Patrick. In his honor we first take a trip down memory lane and talk about birthday parties as a child vs. birthday parties as adults. We then transition to chatting about Cake (the dessert) vs. Cake (the alt-rock band) which ultimately devolves into Steve calling Patrick's dessert preferences trash. Finally, Patrick reveals that he shares a birthday with Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland, leading to a deep philosophical debate about whether we'd rather be nu-metal guitarist Wes Borland or the flannel wearing, mini-golf loving Al Borland from Home Improvement.

    Beer of the Week is Evil Twin/Westbrook Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break, which is infinitely better than the cake we ate for Patrick's birthday.

  16. Thumb 1517543409 artwork

    Episode 42 - A Discussion Surrounding Mental Health - Depression, Stress, Anxiety and How to Seek Help and Offer Help

    In Episode 42, Patrick and Steve discuss the topic of mental health, depression, stress, and anxiety. The guys explore ways to seek out help if you need help and how to offer help if someone reaches out to you.

    • Disclaimer on the episode that we are not mental health professionals and any advice given on the show should be taken as opinions. Please seek help from a trained a mental health professional or call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) 1-800- 273-TALK for further ongoing support. https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/
  17. Thumb 1517543119 artwork
  18. Thumb 1514657761 artwork

    Episode 40 - Goodbye 2017! Hello 2018! - Farewell AOL Instant Messenger, The Macaroni Showdown. What's the Story with Headphones? - Beer of The Week - Diet Dr. Pepper

    As we say goodbye to 2017 and begin to ring in 2018 we have our 40th episode of Oh! This Podcast (our Shawn Kemp episode). As we say goodbye to 2017 we reflect on some great topics related to our youth. We say farewell to the institution that was AOL Instant Messenger. Next, we talk about the versatile food from our youth Macaroni and Cheese. We look at the existential nature of how Macaroni and Cheese had impacted our lives and how society has been shaped by the blue box blues. Lastly, we talk about headphones. What is the story with headphones.?!?

    Our Beer of The Week - Diet Dr. Pepper

  19. Thumb 1514084396 artwork

    Episode 39 - The Oh! This Podcast Christmas Special

    Nothing says Christmas like...

    "Oh, the silent majesty of a winter's morn... the clean, cool chill of the holiday air... an asshole in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer..." Clark Griswold

    It's not only a Christmas Miracle but a Festivus miracle as well. We have our 39th episode the Oh! This Podcast Christmas Special. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all. Sit back and enjoy some fine egg nog and Steve and Patrick enlighten and discuss some of the most interesting pop culture Christmas things in their lives in search to answer that all important existential question of what is the meaning of life.

    Put your pink head-to-toe bunny onesie on, watch out for the Bumpus Hounds and enjoy the sights and sounds of the time.

  20. Thumb 1513608478 artwork
  21. Thumb 1512743565 artwork

    Episode 37 - The Many Roles of Nicolas Cage, Big Mac vs Whopper, A Discussion About The Timeless Art of Bar Room Games - Beer of The Week Russian River Brewing Co Pliny The Elder

    In Episode 37, we discus the finer thing in Hollywood specifically the relevant actor of a generation and conduct a salon of sort around the collective works of Nicolas Cage. Next the gentlemen talk and discuss the merits of 2 fine American burger institutions: Big Mac vs Whopper, and enjoy exploring the space in which this topic brings. Last but not least some bar talk Patrick and Steve share some of their more fond Bar Room games that help make a night out more fun.

    Sit back with our Beer of the Week from Russian River Brewing Co which is Pliny The Elder.

  22. Thumb 1511962331 artwork

    Episode 36 - The Century Debate - Who is More Hated Limp Bizkit vs Nickelback, Favorite Hockey Movies, Home Automation - Living in An Amazon Echo and Google Home Kind of World - Beer Of The Week Great Lakes Brewing Co Christmas Ale

    We return post Thanksgiving in stellar fashion for our Jerome Bettis episode, Episode 36. We have managed to survive Thanksgiving to bring you the latest updates in the hottest, most heated, wildly controversial debate of the century (i know it's more like decade, but still) of who is more hated - Limp Bizkit vs Nickelback. Next the gents talk about their favorite hockey movies of all time and discuss the merits old time hockey, you know Eddie Shore. Lastly, the episode is rounded out by a lively discussion about the merits of living in this home automation world. The guys explore their lives in a home automation world. It is very exciting.

    The Beer of The Week is Great Lakes Brewing Co. Christmas Ale which is fully acceptable to drink now because it is after Thanksgiving.

    So sit back and enjoy.

    Sweet Updates Want a chance to win an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini courtesy of Oh This Podcast? Share this post on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ohthispodcast/posts/1794544214176452) to be entered to win! Want two chances? Support the show on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/ohthispodcast) and you'll get a second entry to win! Winner will be selected on 12/7/2017 and announced in Episode 37.

    Either device will provide ample sound quality for your Limp Bizkit or Nickelback listening needs.

  23. Thumb 1511274640 artwork

    Episode 35 - Oh! This Podcast Tribute to Thanksgiving - Beer of The Week Goose Island 2017 Proprietor’s Bourbon County Brand Stout

    As fall sets it and one of our finest holidays in upon us we decided to explore the space of Thanksgiving. In episode 35, the guys record from the couch and recliner to simulate the conceptual idea of how Thanksgiving meals should be celebrated. The guys talk through a cornucopia of topics ranging from meal choices to watching Detroit Lions football (not sure why people do that).

    Sit back and enjoy the show as the guys imbibe copious amounts of Oh! This Podcasts Beer of The Week Goose Island 2017 Proprietor’s Bourbon County Brand Stout.

    Thank you to our latest Patreon supporters!!!!! Josh, Chris, and Jackie thank you for the continued love and support of the show. To support the show follow them => https://www.patreon.com/ohthispodcast

  24. Thumb 1510236391 artwork

    Episode 34 - Oh! This Podcast West Coast Trip Recap, Las Vegas Stories, 2017 Breeder's Cup Experience - Beer of The Week Epic Brewing Co. Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout

    The guys saddled up and headed west for another magical journey and in Episode 34 (The Charles Barkley Episode) they will share their stories and thoughts about it. First the guys talk about driving to Las Vegas through the desert at night and then the majestic city experiences that occurred there. Next the gents recap on Southern California life and talk about their time in Los Angeles and finally finish with a recap of their 2017 Breeder's Cup experience from Del Mar Racetrack.

    "Now let me welcome everybody to the Wild Wild West, A state that's untouchable like Eliot Ness " - 2Pac and Dr. Dre

    Beer of The Week Epic Brewing Co. Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout

  25. Thumb 1508848992 artwork

    Episode 33 - 2017 MLB World Series Preview Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Dodgers, All-Time Pitchers You Would Not Want To Step Up Against, Sports Drink Showdown - Beer of The Week Dogfish Head Oak Aged World Wide Stout with Vanilla

    In Episode 33 the guys look at the final series of the MLB season with look into the 2017 World Series featuring the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Next the guys talks about about which MLB pitchers of all-time they would be afraid to step into the batters box and face. Lastly, they debate the best sport beverage or thirst quencher as Gatorade vs Powerade vs All Sport.

    Beer of The Week Dogfish Head Oak Aged World Wide Stout with Vanilla

  26. Thumb 1508375149 artwork
  27. Thumb 1507121055 artwork

    Episode 31 - Oh! This Podcast's Fall Beer Primer - Beer of The Week Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

    Episode 31 is here and like sand through an hour glass these are the days of our lives and it is now the time of the year where summer fades into fall so we are discussing our fall beer picks, fall beer events in the midwest and internationally.

    Beer of The Week Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

    Links FESTIVAL OF BARREL AGED BEERS Chicago, IL Fri, Nov 10 - Sat, Nov 11 Website http://fobab.com/

  28. Thumb 1505998833 artwork

    Episode 30 - Foo Fighters Talk New Album Discussion, Steve & Patrick's Music Gear Bucket List, Exploring the Collective Works of Dave Grohl - Beer of The Week Half Acre Beer Company Vallejo India Pale Ale

    Episode 30 - The guys are back with a music talk in this episode. In the Eddie Belfour episode, the guys discuss the Foo Fighters newest album Concrete and Gold. Next the boys run down each of their musical gear bucket lists, which is why they are not allowed to go to Guitar Center alone (they are required to be on the buddy system). Lastly, we explore the musical and entertainment tour de force that is Dave Grohl and take a look at some of his other amazing projects he is involved in.

    The beer of the week for the episode is the Vallejo India Pale Ale from Half Acre Beer Company in Chicago, IL.

    Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold

    Steve's Music List




    Patrick's Music List



    Effects Pedals

    *BOSS GT-001 - Boss GT-001 Table Top Guitar Effects Processor


    Links to Amazon Affiliates 

  29. Thumb 1505739753 artwork

    Episode 29 - NFL is Back, Promotional Alcohol Giveaways, Discussion - Couches vs Recliners - Beer Of The Week New Glarus Brewing Co Strawberry Rhubarb

    In Episode 29, the guys are back after a short hiatus while the new studio was being built out.

    They are back and in full force though. This week's episode includes talks about NFL Week 1 and the start of the NFL season. Then the boys talk alcohol and the promotional giveaways that companies use to get you to buy their booze. Lastly., we discuss and debate the hotly discussed topic between which is better - Couches vs Recliners.

    Beer Of The Week New Glarus Brewing Co Strawberry Rhubarb

    Check out the video from our live stream of the episode => https://www.facebook.com/ohthispodcast/videos/1768431683454372/

  30. Thumb 1503333650 artwork

    Episode 27 - Umbrella Drinks, Who wins a fight: Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer vs Steve Wozniak - Beer Of The Week Lava Flow

    In honor of our 27th episode and recording on location in our west coast studio we are happy to bring you our Zaza Pachulia episode. In episode 27, we discuss Umbrella drinks and have an exploration into cordials and libations that are not ‘Manly’ to have but are damn good and we are not ashamed at all for enjoying them. Next we discuss the fictional Silicon and Tech giants Battle Royale - Who wins a fight: Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer vs Steve Wozniak.

    Sit back grab a Mai Tai or Lava Flow and enjoy the show.

  31. Thumb 1502558937 artwork

    Episode 26 - Beer Talk, Floppy Disk Games, Speed vs Speed 2: Cruise Control - BOTW Surly Brewing Co. Coffee Bender

    Episode 26 is here and it's real and it is spectacular. In the Kyle Korver edition of Oh! This Podcast the Patrick and Steve discuss the finer things on how they choose beers for the show and the discovery process of finding new beers. Next the guys are taken back to the age of floppy disks and discuss the merits of the floppy disk gaming genre.... Yes we will talk Oregon Trail. Lastly, the guys examine the merits of the fine pieces of American cinema Speed and Speed 2: Cruise Control.

    Sit back, grab a brew or two because this episode will not go below 50mph.

    Beer Of The Week Surly Brewing Co. Coffee Bender

  32. Thumb 1501858296 artwork

    Episode 25 - Celebrating the Big Lebowski - An Exploration Into the Film, Eagles vs CCR, Proper Level of Competition in Bowling - BOTW Kahlua Premixed White Russian

    In our Episode 25 (our ‘Big Mac’ Mark McGwire episode) we celebrate and discuss the finer things about the 1998 feature film The Big Lebowski. We look at the crazy hijinks of The Dude, Walter and Donny, as we celebrate the overall greatness of this film. Well it’s our opinion man! that this show is a great one so sit back, grab a White Russian and see how this podcast really ties the room together.

    Beer of the Week - Kahlua Premixed White Russian.

    The Dude abides.

  33. Thumb 1501436177 artwork

    Episode 24 - Little League Post Game Snack Spread, Gummy Bears Fruit Snacks and Other Fruit Based Treats, Our Celebrations for National Hot Dog Day and National Daiquiri Day - BOTW Pipeworks Mango Guppy

    Episode 24 (our Marshawn Lynch show) celebrates food and beverage and the art of fine dining, it's beast mode. The guys explore the topic of snack and post game treats from the little league era. Next the guys discuss the best and the worst of fruit snacks, gummy treats and other fruit based treat. The guys also celebrated National Hot Dog Day and National Daiquiri Day over the second half of the month of July and discuss their experiences in celebrating these fine holidays.

    Beer of The Week - Pipeworks Mango Guppy

  34. Thumb 1500601133 artwork

    Episode 23 - Snapback vs Fitted Hats, Which Mighty Ducks Characters Best Embody Your Spirit Animal, Movie Reviews Well After Release - Rookie of The Year - Beer of the Week Half Acre Daisy Cutter

    'Let The Big Dog Eat'... our episode 23 is upon us and boy was this one a treat. Steve and Patrick lose control almost immediately and dive into the age old question about hats - Snapback vs Fitted Hats. Next the gents tackle the existential question that scholars and philosophers have been debating for generations - Which Mighty Ducks characters best embody your spirit animal. Lastly, the guys give their critical synopsis of the fine American cinema Rookie of The Year , well after the release.

    Put your thinking caps on an figure out your best Gordon Bombayisms and enjoy the show.

    Beer of the Week - Half Acre Daisy Cutter

    Movie Review Well After Release – Rookie of The Year – Steve’s Scouting Report on Cubs prospect Henry Rowengartner => http://ohthispodcast.com/blog/movie-review-well-release-rookie-year-steves-scouting-report-cubs-prospect-henry-rowengartner/

  35. Thumb 1499994816 artwork

    Episode 22 - Internet’s Down Entertainment, Deserted Island Meals, Steve & Patrick’s Final Cut: Cast Away - BOTW Great Lakes Brewing EDMUND FITZGERALD PORTER

    Episode 22 of Oh! This Podcast is our Emmitt Smith episode. We look at things to do when the dreaded moment the internet goes down. Next Steve and Patrick discuss the finer thing of cuisine and what they would have as their fine meals if stranded on a deserted island. Lastly, the guys discuss (well after the theatrical release) the fine American film Cast Away.

    Beer of The Week - Great Lakes Brewing EDMUND FITZGERALD PORTER

  36. Thumb 1499396766 artwork

    Episode 21 - Summer BBQs, Concert Experiences, Debate - Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry - BOTW 3 Floyds Yum Yum

    Episode 21 has the flash and glitz of that of the man who wore that number proudly, 'PrimeTime' Deion Sanders. To celebrate this momentous episode we discuss our go to food and fun for summer BBQs. Then we rap about some good and bad concert experiences and lastly follow that up with a debate or 'Bad Blood' with the Taylor Swift v Katy Perry discussion.

    Our Beer of The Week is 3 Floyds Yum Yum.

    Patrick's Hot Tub Beer of the Week is the fine Bud Light Lime-a-rita.

    Oh! This Podcast is happy to announce the Minor League Hat of the Month of July is the Montgomery Biscuits.

  37. Thumb 1497733024 artwork

    Episode 20 - Summer Vacation as a Kid vs as an Adult, Water Based Weapons, Debate - Woody vs Buzz: A Discussion About Toy Story - BOTW Bud Light Lime

    We get nostalgic in episode 20 and take a walk down to our days of yesterday. We look at summer vacation as a kid and how that is not the same as being an adult, nobody told us adulting would be hard. We talk about some of our favorite water based weapons that we used while attempting to stay cool on those long summer days. Lastly, we finish with a debate regarding age old question from the fine piece of American cinema Toy Story - Woody or Buzz?

    Beer of the Week - Bud Light Lime.

  38. Thumb 1496965856 artwork

    Episode 19 - Getting Swag and Giveaways, Best/Worst Sports Mascots, Minor League Sports Experiences - BOTW Bell's Oberon Ale

    Episode 19 is here... Yeah, I know so sweet. We talk about Swag and giveaways that make you love going to conferences. Then we discuss the mascot challenge and talk about our favorite and not so favorite sports mascots. We wrap up with a lively discussion about Minor League Sports Experiences. As I like to say... "it may be minor league sports, but it is major league fun".

    Our Beer Of The Week Is Bell's Oberon Ale. Patrick's Hot Tub Beer of The Week is Tecate Light

  39. Thumb 1496609728 artwork

    Episode 18 - Zoo Stories, Best Animal in a Leading Role, Debate: The Net v Hackers v Swordfish - BOTW Ballast Point Sculpin

    In our Peyton Manning episode (episode 18) we explore the magical world of animals. We talk about our favorite zoo trips and memories of going to the zoo as children and adults. Then we have bracket challenge to find the Best Animal in a Leading Role in film and television. Lastly we finish with a lively debate about the fine American films The Net v Hackers v Swordfish to find the best, most accurate movie portraying hacking and computer hackers.

    Beer or the Week - Ballast Point Sculpin Hot Tub Beer of the Week - Founders Rubaeus

  40. Thumb 1495847687 artwork

    Episode 17 - Top Sports Comeback Moments, Steve & Patrick's Favorite Top 5 NBA Player, Debate: Horizontal or Diagonal? What Is The Proper Way to Cut a Sandwich - BOTW Dogfish Head 60min IPA

    Episode 17 marks our full season of 90s sitcom. In our Chris Mullen episode we talk about some of our favorite sports comeback moments. Next we talk about our Top 5 list of favorite NBA players of all-time. Lastly, we finish up with the age old debate on the proper way to cut a sandwich - horizontally or diagonally.

    Our Beer of The Week is Dogfish Head 60min IPA

  41. Thumb 1495376301 artwork

    Episode 16 - Remembering Chris Cornell, Exploring the Goosebumps Collection, Debate - Neil Young v Neil Diamond - BOTW Goose Island Sophie

    Episode 16 we discuss and remember Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog and talk about how his music was an inspiration to both Steve and Patrick to start playing music. Then we jump into our elementary school days and talk about an institution of the Scholastic book fair and explore the catalog of R.L Stine's Goosebumps. Lastly, we wrap up with a hotly debated topic - which band would you rather be in and why... Neil Young v Neil Diamond.

    The Beer of The Week is Goose Island Sophie.

  42. Thumb 1494809434 artwork

    Episode 15 - Dark Lord Day, Debate: Batman Forever vs Batman & Robin, One Hit Wonders Explored - BOTW 3 Floyds Brewing Dark Lord

    Episode 15 is upon us and it is only fitting that we talk about and have our Beer of the Week as 3 Floyds Brewing Co offering Dark Lord. We talk about the beer and the even of Dark Lord day and the spectacle that the even has become. Then we dive into lively debate about the which was a better film of the Batman franchise - Batman Forever v Batman & Robin. Lastly, we wrap the show talking about our favorite one hit wonders and we recall our past and childhood.

  43. Thumb 1494205174 artwork

    Episode 14 - Wrestling from the 80s-90s-20s, Obscure Sports We Love to Watch, Moments Nature Did Not Want You In It - BOTW Coors Banquet Beer

    Episode 14 - (our Pete Rose Episode) starts off with a bang and continues to be a dynamic force throughout the show. We explore our favorite wrestling legends growing up in the 1980s through early 2000s. We discuss sports that would happily be on 'ESPN the Ocho' - we look at obscure sports that we will always watch and are not ashamed to spend a whole day watching. Lastly, we finish up with stories about when nature decided its was time for us to not be in it.

    Our beer of the week is Coors Banquet beer from Golden, CO. Yeah. Coors.

  44. Thumb 1493504534 artwork

    Episode 13 - NFL Draft Picks We Wished Turned Out, Which Jurassic Park Character Would You Be and Why?, Backstreet Boys v N'Sync - BOTW New Glarus Belgian Red

    There comes a time when our highly evolved discussions devolve into discussions about madness, this is one of them. For our #13 episode (our Dan Marino episode) we talk about the hopes and promises we wished would turn into successes in the NFL draft that unfortunately did not pan out. Then we explore the topic that everyone has been waiting for... if you were in the movie Jurassic Park which/what character would you be and why. Lastly, to round of the hour of madness we talk about if we were presented the opportunity to be the 6th member (the sixth man perhaps) of one on the iconic boy bands from the 90s who would we join, Backstreet Boys or N'sync.

    The lovely beer of the week we sampled was New Glarus Brewing Company's fine specialty beer Wisconsin Belgian Red

  45. Thumb 1492968893 artwork

    Episode 12 - Midwestern Beer Events, Eugene Levy - The Man, The Myth & The Legend, Danger Zone Showdown: Chipotle v Qdoba v Taco Bell - BOTW Eugene Porter

    We take a dive into looking at some of the Midwest's finest beer releases and beer festivals, because summertime is approaching. Continuing on our theme of Eugene from our beer of the week we found it only fitting to celebrate the one and only classic comedic actor Eugene Levy and discuss why he is so awesome. Lastly we wrap up with the Danger Zone Showdown, a hard hitting exploration into which is better Chipotle, Qdoba, or Taco Bell.

    Our beer of the week for this week is Eugene Porter from Chicago-based brewery Revolution Brewing .

  46. Thumb 1492131414 artwork

    Episode 11 - Steve's Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview, Best Sports Jerseys of All Time & Best/Worst Non-Jordan Basketball Shoes - BOTW Rye Hipster Brunch Stout

    Our #11 episode is here (our Detlef Schrempf episode). Steve enlightens us with his Stanley Cup Playoff preview. Then we dive into a discussion about the best jerseys of sports followed up with a vibrant discussion about the best and worst non-Jordan basketball kicks.

    Beer of the Week is Odd Side Ales' Rye Hipster Brunch Stout

  47. Thumb 1491667118 artwork

    Episode 10 - Frustrating Video Game Moments, Debate - Proper Method of Shoe Tying, Top 5 - 90s & 00s Hip Hop We Will Always Love - BOTW Nibs and Beans Speedway Stout

    It is here! The episode you have been waiting for since the last one. Episode 10, Steve joined me in the Chicago studio to talk some fine and lovely topics. We explore frustrating game moments for our adult lives and childhood growing up. Then we tackle the hard hitting issues of the proper method by which one should tie their shoes (Loop, Swoop & Pull vs 'Bunny Ears'). Lastly we wrap up with an extended topic where we dive into our 90s/2000s Hip Hop that are now and will forever be go to jamz for us.

    Sit back grab yourself a bottle of the Beer of the Week which is Nibs and Beans Speedway Stout by AleSmith Brewing Company and watch the madness ensue.

  48. Thumb 1491064251 artwork

    Episode 9 - Superhero v Hero, Limp Bizkit Fandom Challenge & Cooking for the Ladies - BOTW Zombie Dust

    No this is not an April Fool's Day joke we have a new episode for you guys. Episode 9 is our sensational Luol Deng episode (Bulls and Duke Legend). We explore the finer things in discovering the differences in a hero vs a super hero. Then we try to outduel each other in our Limp Bizkit Superfan challenge and wrap up with a step into the kitchen to discuss our do's and don't when cooking for a special lady.

    The beer of the week is the highly rated and very tasty Zombie Dust by 3 Floyd's Brewing

  49. Thumb 1490371186 artwork

    Episode 8 - Chuck Berry - "The Father of Rock & Roll", That Time of Year to Hit The Links, Latest Funny Holiday - BOTW A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale

    Episode 8 is alive! Steve and Patrick take aim in the Cade McNown episode (The Bears Legend - http://beardownuk.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/McNown2.jpg) to discuss the influence Chuck Berry had on the face of rock and roll. The guys share some of the best golf stories they have fact or fiction and look at the latest funny holiday.

    The beer of the week is A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale from Lagunitas Brewing Company.

  50. Thumb 1489793775 artwork

    Episode 7 - The Only Reason You Woke Up Before 7am as a Kid... For Cartoons, 2017 NCAA Tournament Time, And What Happens In Vegas Ends Up On Facebook - BOTW Dale's Pale Ale

    It is mid-March and we are drawing ever closer to spring, but we must first celebrate March Madness. In our #7 episode (our Toni Kukoč episode) we discuss the only reason we woke up before 7am as kids which was for cartoons. Steve blindly makes some NCAA tournament picks, then we talk about some of our experiences in Vegas and things to do and avoid doing when there.

    The beer of the week is Dale's Pale Ale from the brewery Oskar Blues.

    Thank you all a for the continued support and visit the new website at http://www.ohthispodcast.com/ for all the latest episodes and content.

  51. Thumb 1489023576 artwork

    Episode 6 - Our Travel Bucket List Destinations, NBA Debate - 1980-90s vs the Modern Game, and Guilty Pleasure Pop Culture - BOTW Stone Xocoveza

    Episode 6 - Our Stan Musial episode offers a lively conversation about places we have on our bucket list to travel too. We debate an age old debate about the NBA which was better 1980-90s vs the Modern Game. Lastly, we open up about some of our guilty pleasures in music and movies (some of them we are not afraid to share either).

    Join us for a nice listen and check out the **Beer of the Week- Stone Xocoveza - http://www.stonebrewing.com/beer/stone-seasonals/stone-xocoveza**

  52. Thumb 1488677592 artwork

    Episode 5 - Fine American Films from the era 1980-1995, Bands That Shouldn't Make That Last Tour, and The Supergroup Challenge - BOTW Stone IPA

    Welcome to another installment of Oh! This Podcast. Episode 5 is our John Paxson episode (http://gph.is/2c4TplN).

    We discuss some of the fine films of the 1980-1995 era that were influential in our formative year (What say you Bernie Lomax? -> http://gph.is/1wrZTRl).

    We explore bands that we think should have stopped touring on the previous tour and then we fantasy draft our own super group acts.

    Our Beer of The Week is the fine product offering from Stone Brewery the Stone IPA.

  53. Thumb 1487899378 artwork

    Episode 4 - Popeyes Can It Be So?, Things I Never Want Technology to Change, and Awesome Amazing Business Ideas - BOTW Bell's Brewery Two Hearted

    We welcome you back to another hard hitting episode of the podcast (Our Chris Webber episode.... episode #4. He wore #4). The show includes a cornucopia of topics including our thoughts on the recent Popeyes acquisition, things that we wish technology would never change and finish up with a peek into some of our Awesome Amazing Business Idea. The Beer of The Week is from the Kalamazoo-based Bell's Brewery and their Two Hearted offering. Sit back and enjoy.

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