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Oh! This Podcast is a weekly beer podcast that explores the finer things in the beer world. Patrick Farrar and Steve Hombaker discuss random musings of fine craft beer while discussing movies, sports, music and various topics in highly evolved, or devolved, discussions.

We discuss our Beer of the Week, nationwide beer events, brewery recommendations, Patrick's Hot Tub Beer of the Week and more.

Theme Song - Year of The Rat - By Marty Meinerz

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    Episode 56 - The Games Episode - Video Game Movies and Board Games - Past Present and Future - Beer Of The Week Central Waters Peruvian Morning

    Some might say it's the perfect time to talk about games in our perfect game hauler Mark Buehrle episode 56 of Oh! This Podcast. The guys talk at length about some of the finest and not so fine movie adaptations from the video game world to grace the American and International Cinema. Also the gentlemen recount their finest moments and memories regarding board games that shaped their lives as young and old human beings.

    Beer Of The Week Central Waters Peruvian Morning

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    Episode 55 - Store Brand Soda Showdown, Pet Rock vs Rubik's, Who Would You Rather Be the Personal Narrator of Your Life - James Earl Jones vs Morgan Freeman vs Ron Howard - Beer of The Week Dr. Thunder

    Back with a Mount Mutumbo of a show in Episode 55 the guys explore a cornucopia of topics. The guys flashback to the glory days of childhood and discuss the merits, pros and cons of some of the finest store brand Soda (Pop) brands and flavor choices. Next, they look at the merits of the Pet Rock vs the Rubik's cube and answer deep existential life lessons regarding both. Lastly, the guys debate who they would prefer the fill in the gaps of their life stories and everyday life for the studio audiences which in turn spirals out of control.

    Beer of The Week - Dr. Thunder

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    Episode 54 - Oh! This Podcast screening of Grease

    Episode 54 is the long awaited Oh! This Podcast screening of the classic 1978 film “Grease". The guys break down the movie and fortunately avoid breaking out into a song and dance number in the middle of recording. A huge thanks to friend of the show and Patreon supporter Mitch for making this episode possible.

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    Episode 52 - Updates from the Road, National Donut Day and Roundtable Discussion, 3rd Round of the Arnold Movie Tournament Updates

    In episode 52 (our CC Sabathia episode) we recap what's been going on over the past few weeks and elaborate on the projects we've both been working on. Next, we check in regarding National Donut Day and discuss the finer points of these wonderful culinary creations. Finally we recap the 3rd round of the Arnold Movie tournament and set the stage for the final four films to do battle.

    Patrick's Obscure Music Choice of The Week: Fastball - Out Of My Head

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    Episode 51 - Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Tournament Early Round Recap, Life on The Open Road (Road Trip Stories) - Beer Of The Week Fieldwork Brewing Company's Blackberry Parfait

    Episode 51 (our Willie McGee episode) features a recap of the first two rounds of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie tournament and lines out the elite 8 contenders. After that the guys chat about some of the occurrences from their recent road trip including Subway sandwich quality, lightning cows, and Kansas City BBQ.

    Beer of the week is Fieldwork Brewing Company's Blackberry Parfait

    Patrick's Obscure Music Choice of the Week - Murphy Lee - Wat Da Hook Gon Be ft. Jermaine Dupri

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    Episode 50 - A 2018 Refresher on American National Parks, Oh This Podcast Tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger - Beer Of The Week Stiegl Goldbrau

    In a very special 50th episode of Oh This Podcast the guys deliver a veritable cornucopia of content for your listening pleasure.

    To kick the show off they deliver an update and some perspectives on the National Parks they've recently visited or will be road tripping through in the near future.

    Then in celebration of this monumental episode, they announce the matchups for the inaugural Oh This Podcast tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger by launching the Arnold movie bracket. This 32 movie tournament encompasses the best and worst of Arnold's cinematic career and it will be up to the Oh This Podcast listeners to determine the champion.

    Beer of the week is Stiegl Goldbrau.

    Patrick's Obscure Music Pick of the Week: Rob Zombie - We're American Band

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    Episode 49 - National Beer Day, Godzilla in the Studio vs Songs About Godzilla, Who Would You Rather Spend A Day With - Drew Carey, Harry Caray, Jim Carrey, or Mariah Carey - Beer of The Week Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company's Half Dome California Wheat

    In episode 49 (Julius Peppers episode) the guys dive in to their plans for celebrating their favorite libation on National Beer Day. In an abrupt turn they then debate whether they'd rather have a song featuring Godzilla vs. a song solely about Godzilla, which meanders into a conversation about which mythical creatures they would hire as studio musicians. Finally, on a more serious note, they discuss whether they'd rather spend a day with Drew Carey, Harry Caray, Jim Carrey, or Mariah Carey.

    The Beer of the Week is Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company's Half Dome California Wheat

    **Obscure Music Selection of the Week - Nick Cannon - Gigolo ft. R. Kelly

    ** This reference will make sense.

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    Episode 48 - 2018 MLB Season Breakdown & Prediction, Minor League Special Event Night, Kevin Costner Baseball Movie Throwdown - Beer of the Week Fieldwork Brewing Company's Always Blue IPA

    In Episode 48 (our Torii Hunter episode) the guys discuss the upcoming MLB season, their most anticipated promo nights for the 2018 minor league season (Fresno Grizzlies have an amazing one of course) and celebrate America's pastime through a chat about the trifecta of Kevin Costner baseball movies.

    Patrick's Obscure Music Pick Of The Week: Nelly, St. Lunatics - Batter Up

    Beer of the Week - Fieldwork Brewing Company's Always Blue IPA

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    Episode 47 - Patrick's Obscure Music Pick Of The Week, St Patrick's Day Salute to Irish Bands, Who Would Your Rather Be In Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, or Harvey Danger - Beer Of The Week Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout

    In episode 47 the guys lead off with the introduction of a new segment and a brief conversation about what bands & tracks they are listening to at the moment. Then, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, they examine some of the fine musical contributions that the Irish have made in the world of rock & roll. In the final segment, deep thoughts and worldviews are challenged when the guys consider which band they would rather be in: Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, or Harvey Danger. The beer of the week is Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout.

    Patrick's Obscure Music Pick Of The Week: Berlin - Take My Breathe Away

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